1.Why QCI/YCB Yoga Certification

QCI means Quality Counsel of India and YCB means Yoga Certification Board

QCI is now called as YCB is under Ministry of AYUSH,Govt of India.

QCI/YCB conducts Yoga Certification at three levels.

Level 1,Level 2 and Level 3

Why QCI,

Yoga is all around the globe now,everyone is learning and everyone is teaching.There is no regulation,there is no authenticity,there is no standard syllabus.In some places mediocre teaching is happening,un-recognised universities posing themselves issuing certificates.

To address all these issues QCI has come into existence. The depth in the syllabus,the examination pattern and the evaluation are world class.

QCI certified trainers have an extra edge i.e knowledge wise,skills wise and the certification from a Government Board.

Yoga Teachers who want to get a Yoga Trainers job in Govt sector QCI is a must. QCI/YCB is the only certification would be considered in the future.

One needs to put in effort to pass the QCI/YCB examination ,which is being held in November this year, 2020.

Italians and yoga aspirants from other countries are coming to Yoga Bharath to get training for QCI/YCB Certification.

2.Yoga Bharath Yoga Teacher Certification

a)Why should one come to Yoga Bharath to do Yoga Teacher Training?

b)What is the uniqueness and importance of this certification?

c)Who can join this certification.

a) 500 hours,50 days,10 hours a day intensive yoga awareness environment is created at sprawling 8 acre ashram in Hyderabad,Telangana,India.

Topics to be covered

1.History of Yoga

2.Concepts of Yoga

3.Yoga philosophy

4.Contemporary appeal and relavance of yoga.

5.Hata yoga (50 postures)

6.All other streams of yoga (Kundalini yoga,Mantra yoga,Karma yoga ,Bhakti yoga,Raja yoga and Jnana yoga.

7.Yoga sutras of Patanjali , Ashtanga yoga.

8.Yogic kriyas,Bandhas,Mudras


10.Yogic relaxation techniques

11.Methods of Meditations

12.Anatomy and Physiology.

13.Yoga Therapy for various diseases.

14.Pre-natal yoga

15.Yoga management of stress.

16.Yogic psychological counselling

17.How to run a Yoga studio and be successful as an entrepreneur.

18.Training and opportunity to teach group of yoga practitioners (group awareness,floor skills are imparted)

19.Communication skills

20.English language skills

21.Group discussions and interactive sessions on yoga.

22.Public speaking skills and addressing the group on various yoga topics.

The above given syllabus is covered in the course and will be trained,monitored and guided by experienced yoga teachers.

All these topics are not covered in any of the yoga teacher training program any where on the globe.

You pay for 200 hours course anywhere between Rs 30,000 to 50,000/-

For 500 hrs course another Rs 35,000/-

For yoga therapy another Rs 20,000/-

For prenatal another Rs 15,000/-

For English language learning,communication skills and public speaking another Rs 35,000/-

You have to spend Rs 1,00,000 to 1,50,000/- (in lakhs)

and you may be spending much less on a mediocre training and may be spending much more than this on quality training.

Yoga Bharath Yoga Teacher Training Course costs Rs,40,000+GST+Rs 2800/- for study material,notes,weekly exam fees and one city trip.

Food,shared accomodation for two persons in a single room with attached wash room is provided.

Yoga Bharath ,International yoga teacher training and placements have the history and expertise in training well over 1000 yoga teachers since 1990 under the able guidance of one of the senior most yoga teachers in India.

Apart from yoga teacher training we offer placements.

We have tied up with organisations for placements.

b) Hata yoga (Physical,bodily yoga,Asana siddhi will be taught)

Jnana yoga(yoga for the mind will be taught)

Competency is our goal.

Making world class yoga teachers is our motto.

Yoga therapy,Pre-natal yoga,Stress management,Yogic counseling and

soft skills are included.

c) Who can join the Yoga Bharath yoga teacher training course?

Not everybody will get admission,paying fee is not the criteria.

One should be physically and mentally fit.

Able to respect the Yogic art,the institution and the teachers

whole heartedly.

Eager to learn,open minded,sincere and be disciplined.

One has to attend personal interview or video interview(far off people)

Our interview board will decide the admission.

3.Who can be a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is all around the place across the globe.People want to learn,practice and become yoga teachers.what are the qualities one need to have to be a Yoga teacher.

Age from eighteen to eighty or more.

Minimum qualification from secondary school certificate to graduation and more or none.

A healthy body is required.

Addiction free being.

If anyone interested in physical exercise and being good at performing Hata yoga.

Able to listen to lectures and read and study yoga texts.

Able to participate in discussions on various yoga topics.

Being proactive,open minded and positive attitude.

Being a teacher demands lot of patience and perseverance.

Having an Attitude is a must.

Being able to help others around you in the light of yoga.

Observation,Awareness and involvement are needed.

Teacher should be a guide and a mentor.

4.Posture (Bhangima-Asana)

Posture or Bhangima or Asana has very important place in Hata yoga(physical yoga).

But to master the posture it takes lot of effort,practice and dedication.

It is not the age but sheer grit and determination makes one good at performing posture well.

Flexibility improves with regular practice.

As a yoga practitioner for the last 34 years since 1987 I have some perception regarding Asana Siddhi(Posture perfect).

Sequential steps to master the posture.

Step 1 : Able to perform the posture corectly

Step 2 : Alignment and symmetry

Step 3 : Balance and control over the posture

Step 4 : Posture should be firm and has to be performed in relaxation

Step 5 : Able to reach a state of Kevala Kumbhaka (Natural cessation of breath happens)

Step 6 : Now the posture becomes effortless,breath becomes steady,body and mind or in union,in this stage meditation happens naturally and the mind is calm.

These are the steps one has to go through and finally reach a state of Dharana(attentiveness),Dhyana(meditation) and Samadhi (A state of nothingness i.e Silence)

This the ultimate purpose of posture.Posture may be started as physical but ends up in mental and moves beyond.

God bless allQMA

5.Stress Management and Yoga

 Is Stress the killer?

Father of modern medicine Hippocrates pronounced eighty-five percent of diseases originate from the mind two thousand five hundred years ago. Now doctors say ninty five percent of the diseases originate from the mind. Mind has become a havoc to our existence personally.

The stress,tension,speed in daily life killing people as psychosomatic diseases. Deadlines,targets and over ambitions and everyone wants to prove to the world that he or she is something.This is making us to run faster and faster.But body is not able to run faster like mind.Body is taking its toll.Body has its own intelligence.It wants to work on its own,our monkey minds are not allowing the body machine to go on its pace which is made for hundred years.

Tiredness, stress, body pains, irritability, frustration, getting upset easily, getting sick often very easily.This is our daily life.In every household kilos of medicines we can find lying to be eaten every day. Diabetes, Hypertension, Backache, Thyroid, obesity(indiscriminate eating),heart problems,women’s health issues at the young age of thirty, forty.

Heard someone saying, out of every five marriages two divorces.What is happening to human relations. What is happening. Have we looked into all these things. STOP. Look into all these things, think, reflect and give a serious thought my dear friends. Why this disturbance in human life like never before in human history. Success, good jobs, earning in lakhs , living in villas, travelling around the globe, roaming in big cars, more fashionable, looking beautiful and handsome ,children are getting educated in international schools.

what is happening.Science,communication,information,internet,knowledge,comforts,medical care,ultra modern life style.. why have we disturbed the life.. not able to sleep well ,always charged up and tensed up, cannot talk to another human beings with open and whole heart for a few minutes ,but always fiddling with smart phone, whats app, you tube,mails,calls. We don’t mind our eating, sleeping and rest. We want more and more money,more show off ,we want to be in elite, living in false prestige, insecurity, fear, conflict, disharmony and forgot the meaning and beauty of love.

Shabby relationships, street smartness, everyone is thinking  others as  fools and they are clever. Is this the life we have to live. Life is relaxation. Life is patience. Life is Love. Life is care. Life is awareness. one life to live and one life to love. Let us live a healthy, happy and peaceful life. let us control, cut and remove stress from our daily life. Yoga has all the answers to above pointed things.

Attend Stress Management Workshop and we will discuss all things that are disturbing us and yoga gives clarity. Relaxation techniques,breathing exercises,Meditation methods and the wisdom from yoga classics give us a relief and solace. Weekend one day workshops are conducted regularly. 

6.Yoga of Control

Yoga has many roles to play.Yoga of Control i.e yoga to control the body and mind,the main aim of Hata Yoga.

Practicing various postures,breathing techniques and different physical practices to control and prepare the body for the higher level of yogic journey is the basic approach to higher spiritual life.